About Us

Bill Carter

In 2022 award-winning Master Brewer Bill Carter opened his passion project, Backyard Brewing, in Escondido, CA. And it’s no surprise that his beer list features IPAs, a light and dark Belgian Ale, a Blonde, and a Stout – he has perfected these recipes through trial and error over more than 20 years of small batch brewing in his backyard (hence the business name).

This maintenance mechanic at Palomar Medical Center is currently working with a one-barrel system, he has eight beers on tap with an occasional “limited release” beer added. “It’s all about consistency in the brewing that creates a unique personality for the pub,” says Bill. “I’m not trying to reinvent the process, I’m just trying to get the most out my favorite styles.”

Feel free to ask Bill about his beers…he’ll likely sit down, join you with a pint, and tell you all about them.

Beer Philosophy

“Humankind was built on beer. From the world’s first writing to its first laws, in rituals social, religious, and political, civilization is soaked in beer.”

~ William Bostwick

“He who drinks beer sleeps well. He who sleeps well cannot sin. He who does not sin goes to heaven. Amen.”

~ Unknown Monk

“Whiskey’s to tough, Champagne costs too much, Vodka puts my mouth in gear. I hope this refrain, Will help me explain, As a matter of fact, I like beer.”

~ Tom T. Hall